Hello, I’m Clive Griffiths. I’m best known for my work with leaders and consultants.

I’m particularly interested in how people think and behave, especially when they make decisions. My aim in life is to be authentic and make a difference. I only do work I enjoy, with people I like.

Over the last 20 years I’ve helped executives in big companies with tough decision-making. And I’ve also taught hundreds of consultants and sales professionals how to better influence decisions.

I work with individuals and small groups. Thinking Sessions for leaders. Business Development for consultants.

Outside of work that I like nothing more than training my dogs, baking bread and wielding a chainsaw (I’m certified). I’m currently renovating a 150-year-old house with my wife Lynn.


“Our two-day session made a real impact on my executive team. Clive’s facilitation helped us to focus on the key issues and our involvement of the other change agents within the organisation.”

Clive Taylor. Global Head of Measurement. Gartner Group.

“Clive is creative and passes ownership of outcomes and objectives to his clients. I’ve always achieved more and quicker than planned when working with Clive.”

David Muir. Partner. PricewaterhouseCoopers.

“I’ve worked with Clive on many occasions. He has a deep understanding of how people can work together to achieve common goals. And how to bring out the unique contribution each person can make. His facilitation and executive mentoring has made a positive impact on real business issues I’ve faced.”

Liz Maloney. Sales Director. Hays-IMS.

“Clive is an excellent addition to any team development, both with his facilitation/ consulting expertise and his personal experience.”

Charles Bennett. Head of Alliances. SAP.

“We were facing a difficult time and I wanted my team to come away from the meeting re-energised and positively focused. Clive facilitated a session which far exceed my expectations. He practices what he preaches. He is a trusted advisor.”

Richard Derham. Director. IdeA.

“Clive bought very effective group process facilitation to our recent executive offsite meeting. He helped us stay on track, remain focused on the key issues and start the journey of developing a cohesive leadership team. What’s more he left us with some powerful tools we can use back in the business.”

Paul Kennedy. Managing Director. Redstone Converged Solutions.

“I’ve often seen Clive use questions to open up new paths for others to take. His mentoring helps them avoid the desire to leap to solutions too quickly.”

Adrian Carr. Managing Director. Cambridge Technology Partners.

“I’ve known Clive for ten years and have always had stimulating and inspiring conversations with him. This led me to ask him to do some work with me and my management team which, over a period of a couple of years, helped us to really understand and deal with the challenges that we faced and to take decisions, some of which were very hard to see through. Throughout this experience Clive was perceptive, sensitive and always focused on getting us to a great outcome. I strongly recommend him.”

Tim Connolly. Managing Director. Partners For Change.

“Since our mentoring session I’ve been working more strategically ‘on’ my business and less tactically ‘in’ it. The results have been fantastic.”

Steve Hart. Business Development. A4e.

“One of the best things about working with Clive is his ability to help me overcome the obstacles in my own mind that prevent me achieving my ambitions. He’s given me simple and effective strategies that I can use to convert my dreams into practical actions that I can realise. Working with Clive on a one-to-one basis has had a phenomenal impact on my personal success.”

Kim Gravell. Marketing Communication Manager. PriceWaterhouseCoopers.

“Clive provided a weekend Team Leader development workshop that was highly innovative, well structured and met both mine and the team’s objectives. Clive is excellent at understanding the requirements and then producing a session/sessions with content that delivers a positive learning experience.”

Dave Hardcastle. Technical & Operations Director. Redstone.

“Clive delivered a leadership development programme whilst I was working at Atos. I found his style constructively challenging; prepared to ask the questions that others often avoid and probing you enough to get you to really consider matters. Moreover, then and now, I respect Clive as someone who genuinely believes in what he does and someone who continues to seek new ways of learning and development, both for himself and those he helps.”

Stuart Beech. Consultant. AtosOrigin.

“His experience of different business models, sales and marketing and executive coaching means that Clive consistently provides well thought out and excellently delivered team and personal development programmes.”

Steve Barksfield. Supply Chain Process Head. GlaxoSmithKline.

“Clive led the Elite management development programme at Origin UK. I found his personal input during the 12 month process invaluable. I would recommend Clive without hesitation.”

David Newell. Business Development Manager. AtosOrigin.

“Clive is brilliant. A true exponent of the art of consultancy/facilitation. He is extremely knowledgeable and experienced but at no point do you feel talked down to or preached at. Personable and full of stories, by far the best business consultant/facilitator I know.”

Kevin Charlesworth. Chief Executive. Lindley Educational Trust.

“Our 2-day off site strategy meeting was a great success. The uncomplicated process Clive used kept us focused on the future opportunities for our organisation. We’ve built a real team spirit and are determined to succeed by working together effectively.”

Janice Miller. CEO. Raleigh International, Youth Development Charity.

“Clive facilitated a couple of workshops and a business development strategy planning session, which were well structured and very enjoyable sessions. Clive was able to apply his extensive knowledge and experience to our particular circumstances and deliver content that was easy to understand and put into practice.”

Bob Finn. Shared Services and Sourcing Practice Leader. Catalise.

“I would unreservedly recommend Clive’s services to anybody looking to make a serious step change in performance; either for themselves, their team or their organisation. He is one of only a few people I have met who can engage you in ‘real-time’ and ask the sort of questions that make you realise how good you really can be. Most people in Clive’s field talk a good game, Clive simply delivers results. I have Cliveto ‘blame’ for many of my biggest achievements.”

Stuart Browne. Head of Service Delivery – EMEA. PricewaterhouseCoopers.

“Clive has the ability to configure support for both individuals and groups. He always leaves you with a process to take things forward. The thing I have found most valuable has been his delivery of the combination of training and coaching.”

Roy Bardon. Director. Catalise & Partners for Change.

“Clive understood the strategic issues and delivered exactly what we needed. His facilitation helped us to work together and focus our attention on what we needed to do next.”

Patricia Fitzgerald. EMEA Sales Force Development Cisco Systems.

“After a lengthy and in depth selection process Redstone chose Clive for his in depth understanding of business and sales process/theory. His unique style allowed our sales team to become creative, problem solvers and advance in their own personal development. I received positive feedback from all that attended. The ultimate measure is, of course, results. Towards the end of the initial modules Redstone Converged Solutions average monthly gross margin order intake increased by 31%, as well as showing platform growth that will enable us to continue this level of achievement.”

Craig McCalley. Sales Director. Redstone.

“Developing internal consultants so that they get their expertise used is an art. Clive shows people how to make meetings work, facilitate creative collaboration and build trusted advisor partnerships.”

Denis Spiller. Business Manager. Hewlett Packard Education Services.

“What sets Clive apart is his ability to understand real business issues. He designs executive development that helps leaders make change happen and achieve things beyond what they thought were possible.” Jane Henderson. Leadership Development. AtosOrigin.

*Job titles and organisations are those where referees worked at the time of engagement.